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BuckingHam Media - A small company that does big things.

BuckingHam Media began 20 years ago with partners Barb Murphy and John Morford bringing their years of production experience and complimentary skill sets together to form a company dedicated to providing thoughtful, creative design and meticulous project execution for their clients.

Barb has worked as designer, creative director and project manager. She has a degree in fine art and business, a perfect combination for delivering insightful designs with an understanding of the client’s needs. Barb is a great listener and can turn abstract concepts into meaningful designs, kicking things up a notch. 

In her career, Barb creatively directed and managed a production staff and freelancers at Rittenhouse Communications and worked directly with clients. At Sterling Winthrop, as Assistant Manager of Graphics, she worked with scientists and marketing managers to create various print collaterals and presentations.

Barb is all about creativity whether at work or play. In her spare time, she loves to create lamps and other works from recycled pieces. She is involved in a community choir and created set designs and props for school district plays. She is a Board Member of Run Free Ranch and designs print collateral for the organization.

Creative Art Director



With over 30 years of experience in large corporate productions and media creation, you would be hard pressed to find a calmer, more focused or meticulous professional than John. With his technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of presentation software, John is known for his graphic wizardry in the live event space. From working with presenters in rehearsals, through the last-minute changes at show time, his easy-going demeanor and unparalleled professionalism make him an easy fit for production teams and clients alike.

John has a keen eye for detail and design and an in-depth knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. He uses his unique talents in creating videos, animations and interactive programs for clients. The many industries he has worked in include pharmaceutical, telecommunications, science and non-profit.

John is an avid runner and lover of science. He enjoys designing and working on home improvement projects.

Director of Digital Media


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